The PelaStar technology has been under development by Glosten since 2006.  Founded in 1958, Glosten is known for innovative solutions, integrating cutting-edge analysis with practical, experience-based design.

Glosten engineers conceived the PelaStar system as a way to reduce capital costs while accessing deepwater sites with superior wind resources, and also a way to enable new geographic markets.  Various platform types were considered, and the tension-leg platform (TLP) emerged as the clear technical solution due to its potential for low structural weight, quayside assembly, and suitability for sites with 50 – 200+ meters of water depth.

In July 2011, Glosten announced plans to commercialize their PelaStar floating wind turbine platform, and make the technology available to the global offshore wind energy industry.

PelaStar LLC was formed in July 2013, and holds the technology and intellectual property rights related to PelaStar.