The PelaStar Tension-Leg Platform (TLP) utilizes tendons manufactured from high-performance materials. This tendon material, combined with innovative end connections, addresses the technical challenges faced by tension-leg mooring systems. This tendon solution is one of the primary technical developments that place the PelaStar TLP well above other floating turbine foundation designs, when full wind plant developments are considered.

Existing technologies are being optimized for TLP tendon systems by Glosten and industry partners in a development program that started in early 2011.

The PelaStar TLP delivers the lowest cost of energy from offshore wind by utilizing the following key mooring system advantages, as they:

  • Eliminate the need for expensive in-field pre-tension adjustment mechanisms.
  • Provide system simplicity and low weight, reducing system construction and installation cost.
  • Allow tendon installation from the PelaStar Support Barge at the same time the platform is installed, eliminating the need for separate tendon-installation vessels.
  • Reduce system fatigue loading with small-diameter tendons having high structural damping.
  • Reduce the quantity of mooring line when compared to spread-mooring systems so there is several times less line to transport, handle, and install.