To achieve commercial-scale success, floating offshore wind platforms must design for, and enable, production on a scale that hasn’t been seen in generations. PelaStar is designed for serial production, and we are building an industrial supply chain to meet this challenge.



PelaStar’s modular design approach considers all phases of construction and installation. We optimize for marine logistics, port handling, assembly speed, and load out.


We understand the challenge facing developers to deploy structures of this scale and quantity. We have designed three deployment methods for PelaStar to give developers and marine contractors the ability to optimize and overcome site-specific constraints such as port capacity, bridge clearance, and availability of vessels.

Global-Scale ambitions

We are developing six regional supply chains among three key markets to deliver PelaStar hulls and tendons from highly qualified, licensed suppliers, with opportunities to provide local content for developers seeking to maximize their economic impact in the areas around their offshore wind sites.

Regional Fabrication & Local Assembly