The Premier Platform for Floating Offshore Wind

PelaStar is a breakthrough tension-leg platform (TLP) that will increase developer profitability and transform the offshore wind market by enabling the proliferation of deep-water wind farms.

Bolstered by a decade of pioneering R&D and engineering, the TLP’s simple, low-cost design minimizes environmental impact and operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, and maximizes developers’ flexibility during deployment. With unmatched stability and tendon redundancy, PelaStar is poised to become a benchmark for the industry globally.

Best-in-class CAPEX.

Maximized AEP & power density.

Bankable reliability.

O&M friendly.

Track record in demanding offshore environments.

Designed for serial production.

Flexible deployment methods.

Minimized environmental impact.

Maximized ocean co-use.

End-of-life circularity.


The PelaStar TLP is a low-weight, exceptionally stable floating wind turbine foundation with a small footprint, modular fabrication method, and intrinsic tendon redundancy. Our design is also compatible with existing O&M technologies.


PelaStar is a Glosten Company dedicated to the commercialization of the industry-leading PelaStar TLP. Established in 2013, we have made it our mission to help the energy sector unlock vast deep-water wind resources with our simple, robust design.


We take an integrated approach to design that extends from seabed to blade tip to ensure all components of the PelaStar system are optimized. From anchors, tendons, and hull fabrication to marine logistics and offshore construction, we rely on our network of world-class partners to help us bring to market a reliable design and establish a supply chain that can be trusted to meet the needs of the floating wind industry.

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