Chief Executive Officer


Design Manager

Ocean Engineer

The PelaStar team is comprised of skilled engineers, business-minded industry leaders, and seasoned entrepreneurs. We have a wealth of experience designing one-of-a-kind vessels and platforms for the research, civil, construction, and energy sectors, including a ballistic-missile-tracking semi-submersible that supports the world’s largest radar, a spar platform used to demonstrate an offshore energy kite, two wave energy converters, and several other renewable energy concepts.

Our team understands the importance of ensuring the viability of a design through the construction phase and has made it a priority to address the challenges our clients face with implementation. We provide support through delivery with supply chain management and on-site fabrication support and inspection services to ensure quality and compliance with specifications.

PelaStar is backed by Glosten, a US-based naval architecture and marine engineering firm with demonstrated success designing offshore platforms for the construction, research, and energy sectors. Our Glosten advisors include CEO Morgan Fanberg and former President and Board Chair Bill Hurley, who led business development efforts for PelaStar from 2010 to 2021.